About us

Speak Scotland began in the summer of 2015 by Linsay Duncan. Linsay has over 15 years experience of performing and traveling across the world and with such a vibrant and vivacious personality Linsay had an idea; to use her knowledge and passion for cooking and her world class performing skills to start Speak Scotland. A company that would work enthusiastically across Scotland promoting the food and drinks industry. 

Being a brand ambassador, sampling to the public and being a tour guide for a distillery, winery or brewery is not a new concept, but what is, is how we at Speak Scotland do it. We entertain, we engage and we have fun.  We work closely with companies and their visions to promote, engage and increase sales. This is what makes Speak Scotland stand out from the crowd.


Speak Scotland is going from strength to strength, with services increasing for tour guides in the drinks industry and brand ambassadors in outlets across the country.

We have a team who are passionate, entertaining and ready to promote your product. 

Our love for the finer things in life drives us to provide Scotland with great food and drink in an entertaining and knowledgeable manner.


Feeling Inspired? You should be!